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IX Web Hosting Review

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The most cheapest SEO Hosting company in the market

IX Web Hosting has been in the hosting business since 1999. The founders started the company from their living rooms which has now grown into a world class Web Host. As of the writing of this review IX Web Hosting has over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 sites. Based in Columbus, Ohio IX Web Hosting is the ideal hosting option for SEO conscious webmasters having multiple website.


Website: www.ixwebhosting.com

All plans provide unlimited features like bandwidth, web space & hosted domains. These plans are specifically designed for SEO. The Unlimited Pro provide 15 free C class IP Addresses. Other web hosts give out only 1 dedicated IP address per customer & at the price of $2 to $4. SEOHosting.com charge $105 for 15 dedicated IP Addresses & SEOHost.com charge $59.95 for 15 dedicated IP Addresses with limited bandwidth & disk space.

IX Web hosting giving out 15 free dedicated C-class IP Address with their Unlimited Pro plan is a bargain. Not only do you get 15 free dedicated ip address but you also get almost all unlimited features that the other major hosting companies offer.

The 3 Linux Plans are:

The Unlimited Pro & Business Plus plan are offered with the same features for Windows at the price of $9.95 each.


Coupons are currently not available for IX Web Hostings, but you can click the Discount button below to receive special promo price.




Office / Data Centres:

IX Web Hosting
1774 Dividend Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43228
United States

Tel: +1 (800) 385 – 0450 (Sales / Support)

Tel: +1 (614) 534 – 1961 (Sales / Support)


  1. I manage abt 12 websites, i hav been with many hosts including godaddy & hostmonster. But these hosts do not giv more thn 1 dedicated ip. Last year i came across ix on google. Their 15 dedicated ip’s free just sounded 2 sweet. Since thn im with ix & dn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

    Last week they did deactivate all my sites tho 4 using excessive system resources, but later activated after i lied tht i fixed a script issue. Other thn this i hav never noticed any downtime.

    • Ohh Mike thts naughty!!
      Anyway regarding ix, I used them a few years ago but there were lots of disruptions so had to move to a more stable host. In my case iPage, and im quite happy with their service.

  2. The main problem with ix is their uptime. I don’t mind getting notifications from uptime robot saying my site’s down for 15-30 mins or so in the middle of the night, but on a number of occasions the outages r 4 hours), A week hasn’t passed on which there hasn’t been an outage. But whenever I call them up they do know what the cause of the outage was unlike other hosts where they completely deny any outages.
    Other than the server glitches I do like them as they do offer a great SEO hosting.

  3. Stay away from these clowns!!!!!!!
    The worst web host ever. My website has been hacked 5 times in 1 year. The technical support didn’t had any idea how that happened. They r the most incompetent technical support ppl in thevworld as they know nothing. Ask them any question like how do i connect to ftp and the reply is going to be ‘hold on while is check this’ then google’s for it and comes up with a totally stupid way of doing that.

    Talking about the FTP, well that is absolutely crap. Disconnects all the time and i always get transfer failed.

    Once again stay away! Go buy urself a can of beer with the money u r going 2 give these clowns.

    • Hello James,

      I’m very sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve had with our services. and we would love to speak with you about resolving them.

      Many websites can be hacked for a multitude of reasons. If you are using a CMS or advanced PHP/MYSQL site, you could have anything form weak passwords to SQL injections. We can look at your site and make some suggestions as to how to prevent such things from happening.

      Please contact us by chat, ticket or phone and we will be glad to look into how your website may have been compromised.

  4. Ok the technical support is ok, not excellent but OK as someone said, they r not that bad. Although they do keep changing the prices and offers. When i sighed up i was given 3 domain names 4 free but later received an email that i hav 2 oay for those.
    The features are excellent, absolutely awesome. At such a cheap price I think it is a bargain. For Seo dedicated ip is a must. If there is a spammy website on the same ip as u well ur seo is never going to improve, but on dedicated ips if u do half the seo, u’ll see the fruit.

    But i completely agree with the other guys on the stability & reliability aspect. The servers r not down once in a year, nor once in a month, nor once in a week! Well its down every day.

    So in short, awesome features but not reliable/stable.

  5. Do not believe all these haters, ix is a totally reliable host. I’ve been with them for more than 8 months and I have nothing to complain about. Absolutely love their custom control panel, it’s simoly gr8!!!!

  6. A full day of down websites- half of the day has gone in support ticket – still waiting…cool and calm ixwebhosting support seems to be meditating. Phishing attacks are coming due to old versions of wordpress- this was told to us. They we are given list of domains where we were supposed to upgrade wordpress- and we found they are down !!
    Where is Lune Fay ? Support …its more than half day gone….no solution…or once again you will say sorry ???

    • Hello Noel, I am sorry that you having these difficulties updating your account. If you contact us directly we would be more than happy to further assist you. Please give us a call or contact us through live chat or open a support ticket.


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