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Arvixe Hosting Review $4/m

Arvixe Hosting Review

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Arvixe is a recognized website hosting and domain registration service provider working for the benefits of internet marketers since 2003. Unlike many other companies that are emphasizing on their cheap hosting plans, the website outlook and overall layout of Arvixe.com is very professional indeed. Although the prices are nominal for all packages, yet they are emphasizing more on their customer support and professionalism.

Editor’s Review

Website: www.arvixe.com

Established: 2003

Services: Linux and Windows Based hosting/domain registration for small and large businesses

Pricing plans: The price plans starts from $4.0, $22.0, $40.0 and $105.0 per month for their packages titled Personal class, business class, reseller class, vps class and dedicated class. Whether you want a simple blog or  a complex website, you would see Arvixe to be a good choice for all of your hosting needs.

Reseller class package offer 50GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and a free domain for life at $20 per month. Moreover, you can also get 200 GB disk space and 2000 GB monthly bandwidth at just $50.0 per month.

Control Panel: Arvixe provides cPanel, the powerful Linux based Control Panel.

Features: Some of the main features provided by Arvixe’s Shared Hosting are:

Plans Personal Class Personal Class Pro Business Class Business Class Pro
Price $4(Linux) $5(ASP) $7(Linux) $8(ASP) $22(Linux) $27(ASP) $35(Linux) $40(ASP)
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Websites/Domains 6 Unlimited 6 Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unimited Unimited Unimited
Mailboxes Unimited Unimited Unimited Unimited
Databases (MySQL/MsSQL) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated IP $2/month $2/month Included Included

With all packages you get free domain for life i.e. until u have that package you won’t be charged. The difference between Personal Class & Business Class hosting is that there are less Business Class accounts per server than there are Personal Class accounts per server. The main reason being, to provide faster and reliable hosting to their Business Class customers.

There are lots of 1-click install application as Arvix has Softaculous, Fantastico & RVSiteBuilder.

Customer Support: You have access to knowledgebase, forums and blog on the website to get the most important information regarding any issue you are being faced with. Arvixe offer support via their online chat facility, toll free telephone or ticketing system. We have found their response time to be very quick, although we did wait for 2 minutes the first we called for support but all other consequent calls that were spread different hours of the day and different days of the week; were answered on an average wait time of 15 seconds. So we are well satisfied and like their support.

Speed: We are very impressed with Arvixe Shared Hosting speed. Below are the speed statistics measured with pingdom tools for a website hosted on Arvixe’s shared hosting server:

Performance grade of 80/100 is excellent for shared hosting. Our guinea pig website has been ranked faster than 97% faster than all websites.


Reliability: The reliability of Arvixe web hosting is commendable. Their uptime statistics has always been above 99.9%.


  • Superfast shared servers
  • Reliable hosting, 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Option of Linux or Windows Hosting
  • Responsive customer support
  • 3 different platforms for 1-click install apps, meaning they offer a large variety of 1-click install applications
  • Free domain for life.


  • No advertising credits

Conclusion – Should you buy it?

Arvixe provides robust web hosting services with scalable hosting plans and packages that are tailored to meet a number of ever growing needs for clients. Arvixe, has super-fast shared servers, has excellent reliability statistics and responsive customer support, that is why Which Hosting would highly recommend Arvixe Web Hosting. Arvixe is really a great hosting provider that you can rely on with maximum server up time.



Arvixe, LLC
P.O. Box 9202
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
United States of America



Tel: +1 (888) 9-ARVIXE (+1 (888) 927-8493) – Toll Free
Tel: +1 (707) 304-5520 (Local)
Email: sales@arvixe.com


Tel: +1 (888) 9-ARVIXE (+1 (888) 927-8493) – Toll Free
Email: suppoort@arvixe.com

Data Centers:

Montreal, Canada
Dallas, United States
Houston, United States


  1. I can vouch for their excellent speed and reliability! I did signup for arvixe very intrepidly as I read a few negative reviews on some sites. But after having been let down by so many big hosting names, I was up for an experiment. And believe me it was worth the try. I’m quite happy with arvixe. Give it a try it’s only 4 bux for shared hosting.

  2. i have hosted a site on arvixe.com on personal class with private tomcat. suddenly they reduced max memory limit to my user without any prior notification. they abused me to upgrade my plan to the business class which is double of charge. my app was working well on personal class and they decided to reduce memory limits at a glance. what a bad experience. their support is too bad, they don’t recognize site issues

    • Hi,

      We reached out to you through our support system and posted on your other review. We fixed the issue that you were having. Your Memory Limit of TOMCAT was not reduced. Please let us know if you have any questions about it.


  3. i hosted my vps , and very bad service and no support for vps , even they promised it’s ,managed service
    don’t ever used arvixe vps service

    • Hi,

      We are sorry you had issues with our service. Please note through that we did provide a managed service to you. The issue came from your own files which is not something that is covered in managed services (keeping the VPS up to date, installing modules on the server, etc…). We did work with you but there was no resolution on your end for the situation that occurred, therefore the account had to be closed. We are sorry that it did not work out for both parties.


  4. I think most of user reviews are made by Arvixe staff because I can not explain so much praise. If you want the slowest hosting company in the world…choose Arvixe! Trust’me, i bought a plan now(03/20/2013) because of user reviews”Arvixe is awsome, arixe is excelent…blah blah blah…”. Your website speed will be incredibly lower(by the way for an european user. I think they have very old servers. I don’t know for U.S users.

    • Hello,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve faced such frustrations with our service. However, I can assure you that we do not post reviews for ourselves and that all reviews are on behalf of our users or other users, but our staff does not do that.

      That said, if you’d like our help with an issue with your site being slow or something similar, we’re happy to help with that. There is bound to be some issues on occasion but we will always do our best to remedy them and we cannot stress enough that we will always look into it as best as we can.

      Lastly, our servers are kept as up to date as possible to conform with industry standards. Any servers that aren’t as new as possible have already been or are currently being processed / migrated to newer hardware.


    • I too am experience very slow loading issues. I spent over $1000 on scripts and advertising for me new site. I now strongly regret using arvixe because of the slow loading. I feel the speed is just too slow for any user to set there and wait for several minutes while the page loads. I also receive the following error quite often: Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. I also experience several issues connecting my ftp application for transferring files. After about two days of configuring settings and contact support several times I was finally able to connect and start ftp’ing.

      I normally use another hosting company which has never given me any kind of issues. I strongly recommend using a well known reputable hosting company if your serious about having a website.

      I bought a very expensive script to operate my website and they stated that it would only work with Arvixe hosting. Turns out that was false. I now have to look into transferring my website to the hosting company that I’ve already been using for over 3 years now.

      • Hi Paul,

        We are sorry that you had issues with the service. There is no information on what script you used but what it sounds like is that your APP Pool was restarting. In a case like this a checker can be setup to check the APP pool every so often to make sure it does not restart. This keeps your site running at a solid speed. Each time the APP pool restarts it has to load all the data again. Arvixe is available 24×7 and if your issue is not being solved there is always a manager on duty who can assist you and our Server Management team also is there to fix any wide spread server issues. We would like to get more details on what happened, if you could e-mail your user name or domain name to QA[@]arvixe.com that would be very helpful. Even a ticket number is fine. Thank you.

  5. Great service, but the slowest servers in the world. Email pages are so slow to load they are painful to use,sometimes taking nearly 30 seconds to load. The pages of Arvixe hosted websites are not much better. Sorry, Arvixe.

    • Hi, we are very sorry for the issues you are having. The issues could come from the fact that ASP sites need a visit to keep the app pool from reloading. QA will be reaching out to you, QA[@]arvixe.com.

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